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Problems compiling Cherokee on Haiku OS

So I’ve been trying today, just because, to compile Cherokee 1.0.0 under Haiku OS alpha r2 (former OpenBeOS) and I’ve found some problems that, by now, stopped me from doing it…

First, there’s no declare of the arch ( i586-pc-haiku ) on the config files, but that would be easy to fix, so I tried it by default.

Second, “error: C compiler cannot create executables”. See error on this pastebin. Apparently there’s a check that it isn’t needed on Haiku of the dload libraries. This libraries apparently aren’t needed because already are added on some other place. I fixed this removing all the ‘-ldl’ flags on the ‘configure’ file.

Third, and the error I haven’t fixed and stopped me of following this port, differences on socket libraries. It fails on ‘./configure’ when checking socket libraries, apparently because are a bit different here on Haiku. So I’ve been checking the Common Problems Guide on the Ports section of Haiku website, where on the last paragraph is a little reference to an error about that, apparently comming from this libevent patch. I tried diferent options on the file substituting the libraries checks more or less like that example, but without any success. Thanks anyway to cratuki on #haiku (freenode), that download the code and lent me a hand. BTW that guy is porting succesfully Bethon to Haiku. Bethon are python libraries for BeOS, for drawing windows and so on 😀

I’m no programmer, and I don’t have a clue of C, so I’m a bit lost on this…

Any help?